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18 ct gold stacking  eternity rings by Verifine

Verifine makes a unique and colourful range of 18 ct gold stacking eternity rings. Our fine eternity rings are micro-set with diamonds and other precious stones.  Such as , black diamonds, rubies, sapphires of many colours, green garnets and blue topaz.

The rings can be stacked together to form fabulous and colourful combinations of  3, 4 and even 5 rings or simply worn alone.

Stackable Eternity Rings

An eternity ring is a relatively simple concept but one with profound symbolism and a powerful emotion attached. A simple gold ring set with diamonds or gemstones all the way round. But then there is the emotional side of it. An eternity ring symbolises just that; eternity; a perfect everlasting cycle. It is a symbol of undying love, of devotion and fulfilment.

Eternity rings are worn for many reasons. To mark the birth of a child; As a token of love or friendship; As an anniversary gift; For a wedding ring; To mark a special occasion. Or simply worn as a beautiful piece of jewellery. Whatever the reason, we are confident you will love wearing and collecting Verifine rings, and that you will be pleased with our quality and prices.

Diamond 18ct Carat White Gold Full Eternity Ring
Multi ring stack

Endless Combinations

From the subtle look of a single eternity ring to a stack of different colours, or perhaps a block of the same colour, each look can be changed and adapted to match the occasion, your outfit or even your mood. Suited to day or night, evening dress or jeans, Verifine skinny rings are subtly chic, and can add colour and character to any look.