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Blue Sapphires. The colour that is most commonly associated with Sapphires. The second hardest gemstone and the most popular after diamond. We choose to use a clear mid-blue sapphire with a strong hue, and take great care to match all the stones on our skinny rings. Being a natural stone however, shades may very slightly from the photographs.

Rubies  Considered by many to be the most magnificent of all gems. It is a fiery and captivating gemstone, from the same family as Sapphires (Corundum) .  The red colour is due to traces of chrome or iron.  Only red corundum is entitled to be called Ruby. ( from the Latin ruber meaning red). All other corundums being classed as sapphires.

Pink Sapphires. In recent years pink Sapphire has seen a growth in popularity. The shade we use is known as Hot Pink, and this wonderful coloured stone can really add vibrancy to your combination. Pink sapphires occur naturally.

Yellow Sapphires. The subtlety of a naturally occurring yellow sapphire adds a touch of sophistication to any stack.

Orange Sapphires.   Natural sapphires that have been treated to take on a lasting, warm orange glow which is both joyous and bright.

Green Garnets. Garnets come in many colours. The green variety we use is striking and distinctive. Green garnets occur naturally

Blue Topaz  The world’s second most popular gemstone, blue topaz rings have graced the fingers of many. Here at Verifine, we offer this beautiful and subtle coloured stone,  fully set in our rings, to make the perfect gift for a loved one.

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